Historic Outcome for Historic Race

Congratulations  to student pilots Emmy Dillon and Abbie Pasmore from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach Campus. The two were named winners not only in the collegiate division of this year’s Air Race Classic but also secured first place overall, besting 50 teams and giving Embry Riddle a first-place win for the first time in the school’s history of participating in the cross-country, all-women air race.

From the Embry Riddle Website: “Four teams consisting of female student pilots and flight instructors represented Embry-Riddle’s residential campuses in the flight competition that kicked off June 21 at the university’s Prescott, Ariz., campus and ended June 24 in Daytona Beach. Winners of the 2,716-mile race featuring more than 100 women were announced Sunday during an awards banquet in Daytona Beach.”

Emmy Dillon and Abbie Pasmore–remember those names fly folk, ‘cuz you’re gonna being hearing from them!

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